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Sutro Forest – conservation gem or lost opportunity? April 8, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Birding Hotspots, Conservation Plums in bloom in Woodland Canyon / Photo by Patricia Greene
By Patricia Greene

People who live outside of San Francisco are often unaware of the existence of this small open space preserve in the middle of San Francisco.

Mount Sutro is the northernmost forested peak of the San Francisco Central Highlands that continue south through Twin Peaks and Mount Davidson, all with summits in the 900-foot range. The south-east saddle between Mount Sutro and Twin Peaks spor

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GGAS & allies win squirrel reprieve March 26, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Ground squirrel at Cesar Chavez Park / Photo by Bill Williams, Creative Commons

By April Rose Sommer

Much to the relief of many Golden Gate Audubon Society members, the Berkeley City Council voted Tuesday night to delay its pilot program to exterminate Cesar Chavez Park California ground squirrels.

The city had generated broad outcry earlier this year when it announced plans to trap and kill park squirrels as a means to address Regional Water Quality Control Board concerns that squ…

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Protecting birds and cats with a “catio” February 26, 2014

Posted by Ilana DeBare in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Chester in the ladder section of his catio

By Ilana DeBare

The black cat named Totoro trained his bright yellow eyes on a Chestnut-backed Chickadee singing on a branch. The chickadee was only a few feet away. There was no windowpane between them. The cat could practically reach out and grab the bird.

The bird was safe.

Totoro was in his “catio” – an outdoor enclosure or patio designed to let house cats experience the sights and smells of the out…

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GGAS op-ed in the SF Chronicle February 6, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Off-leash dogs at Ocean Beach / SF Chronicle photo by Rapahael Kluzniok

GGAS Executive Director Mike Lynes speaks out on behalf of wildlife and balanced uses of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in an op-ed in today’s San Francisco Chronicle (Friday, February 7). The following is a copy of his article.

GGNRA dog plan offers balance, protection

By Michael Lynes, Executive Director of Golden Gate Audubon Society

Everyone agrees the Golden Gate National Recrea…

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A victory for Cliff Swallows January 22, 2014

Posted by Ilana DeBare in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Cliff Swallow building a nest

By Ilana DeBare

Cliff Swallows in the North Bay will have a safer nesting season in 2014 – thanks to successful advocacy by Bay Area Audubon chapters and other wildlife lovers.

Golden Gate Audubon Society and other conservation groups have reached a tentative settlement with Caltrans, in which the state transportation agency will no longer use deadly netting on a Petaluma highway construction proje…

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A new year, a cleaner marsh January 20, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Mallards at Arrowhead Marsh / Photo by Rick Lewis

By Audre Newman

It was a king tide on the last beautiful day of 2013.  Many bird watchers were crowding the shore to see birds that are hard to find at lower tide levels.  The bay was as smooth as glass.  A thousand willets and marbled godwits, a heron, and a platoon of black-necked stilts watched us from their ringside seats on the pier.

Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. we collected eight bags of plastics, St…

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Make 2014 a year for bird-friendly coffee January 5, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation Yellow Warbler / Photo by Alfred Yan

Note: This post is reprinted from the American Bird Conservancy blog with the author’s permission. 

By Scott Weidensaul

Migratory birds — which must overcome so many natural challenges as they journey from one end of the globe to another — are having a much harder time overcoming the obstacles that humans have added to the mix: habitat loss, environmental contaminants, climate change, and …

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